Quality first

Our commitments in terms of Quality and the environment

Certifications: these are the proof of our having fulfilled our ambition : to provide our customers with quality products while respecting the environment.

The brake discs and drums that we manufacture are safety parts, which means that the greatest care is taken to comply with standards and customer requirements.

A certification audit is carried out every 3 years, with a yearly follow-up audit in order demonstrate the respect of our values to our customers.

ISO 9001 Certification Qualité

ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Certification

This quality standard constitutes the keystone of our requirements.

This certification verifies the proper functioning of the quality management system, in conjunction with IATF 16949: 2016.

First certification : 2002


IATF 16949 : Automobile

IATF 16949 : 2016

This quality standard comes in addition to the requirements of the automotive sector.

The braking elements that we manufacture are safety parts, which requires that the greatest care be taken to meet the additional requirements of our customers.

First certification: 2009 (ISO/TS16949 then IATF16949 since 2018) 

ISO 14001 Environnement

ISO 14001:2015

This environmental standard, based on ISO9001, allows us to focus on reducing the environmental impact of our activity throughout the life cycle of our products.

First certification : 2010


Our priorities

A safe and pleasant place

At Fiday Gestion, we know that a quality company is a firm that takes care of its employees. Located in Chassey-lès-Scey, the factory is on the edge of a green Natura 2000 park.

The equipment is constantly replaced so that our employees are always safe, no matter what their position. 

Casting of iron

Casting of iron

Thanks to its automation, the life of a foundry worker has been greatly simplified.



Here, a perpetual renewal of the machinery and protection equipment is established.

Quality of life

Quality of life

3 to 4% absenteeism only, that's very little low for this field.

A human security

A human security

Team leaders who are always ready to listen and to take over from take care about you without any downtime.

A green nature

A green nature

An ideal setting for our employees' breaks, the factory is surrounded by greenery and garden tables are available.

A monthly newspaper

A monthly newspaper

In order to talk about the life of the company in all transparency and to bond the teams even more.


Our objective is clear : "zéro accident" !

Safety is our priority and we pay a particular attention to it. We enrich our mobilization plans thanks to the implementation for several years of a dedicated department: "Health, Safety and Environment" (HSE) which enforces safety rules and continuously seeks to improve our processes. We are as close as possible to our employees, in the field (aim) to listen (si le sens est but), understand, analyze and work to preserve health and safety!

Our philosophy:

To be in continuous improvement by involving the operational and the decisional in all actions. Our dynamism today, as well as our values, allow us to participate in the evolutions of the whole factory.

As an illustration, the company's commitment to pilot projects where all parties meet on a weekly basis.

At the same time, preventives measures to make our staff aware of the dangers and risks in the workplace are provided to rethink our behavior. We have a specific skills development plan for safety, in order to guarantee our staff optimal working conditions, well beyond legal requirements.

In collaboration with many professionals and experts in Health and Safety, our metal industry contributes to constantly offer a better quality of life at work. 


Our objective is clear :